Products We Offer

• Refrigeration Rooms
• Walk-In Cold Rooms
• Storage Room
• Milk Chillers
• Ripening Chamber
• Blast Chiller
• Display Cold Room

Let’s brief about the products we offer for our needy customers.

1. Refrigeration Rooms
This category includes cold rooms, freezer rooms, vegetable chiller rooms, and cold storage rooms. A refrigerating chamber, also known as a cold room, is a warehouse in which a specific temperature is created artificially. It is generally intended for storing products in an environment that is colder than the outside temperature. Fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and flowers all require refrigeration.

Regardless of the products they contain, these rooms are very useful for:
• Goods reception. Sanitary standards require that businesses, such as warehouses and restaurants, maintain an appropriate temperature when receiving raw materials, which will later be placed in various points. In these cases, a good cooling system is essential.

• Storage and products handling. This allows for an increase in production and marketing, as well as the extension of shelf life and the transformation of products.

• Products display. In these cases, Walk in or Reach in doors are very common, as they allow the final consumer to easily access products while also providing a much more appealing point of sale.

2. Walk-In Cold Rooms or Freezer Rooms
Walk-In Cold Rooms (WIC) or Walk-In Freezer Rooms (WIF) are refrigerated enclosures housed within existing buildings that are accessible through at least one door and large enough for a person to walk into. WICs or WIFs are critical storage points in the temperature-controlled supply chain, and are typically used at the central or national level. They are also used at the regional or district level in some countries.

3. Storage Rooms
The storage room is a location (for example, a room, closet, in-door or out-door container) where business partners or individuals can temporarily store their belongings. Storage units of various sizes and specifications are made available to leasers/renters (for example, heated or unheated).

4. Milk Chillers
Chillers remove the heat from pasteurization and cool the milk to the proper temperature. Keeping milk at a cool temperature prevents deterioration of the milk molecule. This preserves milk and extends its storage life, giving you more time to get it to the store.

5. Ripening Chamber
A ripening chamber is one such important location for completing the ripening process of some perishable fruits. A Ripening Chamber can be used to ripen the fruits. Fruit ripening is another process that improves the flavour of the fruit. When you use the Ripening of Fruits process, you can easily ripen fruits. Mango will become softer, sweeter, and less green as it ripens. Overall, the ripening process improves the quality and taste of fruits. If you prefer Mango Ripening, you can have sweeter and more flavorful mangoes.

Ripening Chamber helps you to get:
• Efficient temperature control
• Controlling of the temperature
• Efficient monitoring
• Superior ventilation
• Low-power usage
• Hygienic and safe process

6. Blast Chiller
A blast chiller is a piece of machinery that rapidly reduces the temperature of food. Blast chillers can also be called blast freezers or flash freezers. They usually have several shelves where food pans or sheet pans can be stored and chilled at very low temperatures.

Blast chilling extends the shelf life of food, reducing food waste in your restaurant. This enables restaurants to blast chill food, thaw it, and serve it in nearly the same quality as fresh food. Some of the key advantages of blast chilling or blast freezing are listed below.

• Nutrients are retained
• Maintains quality of food products
• Increases the shelf life of prepared foods
• Prevents bacteria from growing rapidly
• Allows you to cool down food products quickly when cooking

Blast chilling can also be used to help chefs and cooks prepare entrees. For example, you can quickly cool a pasta dish in a blast freezer and then top it with sauce once it has cooled. You can also make smooth and creamy ice cream and sorbets without fear of large ice crystals forming. Blast chilling is also ideal for quickly freezing individual pieces of food.

7. Display Cold Rooms
Cold Rooms or Glass Displays Cold Rooms are typically space chambers where you can place all of the essential items you want to freeze.

• Requires little floor space and makes better use of vertical space than horizontal space.
• An eye-catching presentation of your valuable product.
• This is a Glass Cold Room that has been customised. Fully loaded, fully featured, and tailored to your specific products and volume requirements.
• Capacity can be customised.
• Remove the vacuum from the door mode. 20mm thick glass.
• Despite having a large storage volume, power consumption is low.
• Simple to use with little to no maintenance required (Any A.C Technician can easily repair this).
• Superior Soundproofing. PUF Insulation of Superior Quality[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]